All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.
— Walt Disney

Who we are?

Roaring Romania Tours is a privately own small business operating from Bucharest Romania. We put together tours which, through the combination of landmarks and experiences, give you an authentic taste of Romania. Big cities, natural scenery, festival, folklore, nothing is a left uncovered by our itineraries. We are committed to providing our guests with the best possible Romanian vacation which for us means: quality itineraries, inclusive prices, licensed guides, small groups and centrally located accommodations.

In our portfolio we have city tours of Bucharest in multiple languages: English, French, German and Dutch. The Day Tours from Bucharest are your chance to explore other bits of Romania from Transylvanian castles to the beaches by the Black Sea. Our short tours give you the opportunity to see as much as possible from Romania in a short limited of time. The long tours are perfect for guests who want to explore different corners of the lovely country which is Romania from Bucharest to Maramures and from Bucovina to the Danube Delta.

Sustainability and giving back to the community are important values for us at Roaring Romania therefore we try as much as possible to use only local providers of transport, our first choice in accommodation are locally owned hotels and encourage eating with the locals on our tours.

How it started:

In 2013, Alexandra Chirila, founder of Roaring Romania Tours, was working a corporate job. It was a good stable job but it wasn’t what Alex pictured herself to be doing with her life.

An adventurous spirit, she wanted a job based on travel, history, legends and cultural curiosities. Plus, she wanted to work more with people and less with computers. What viable business could come out of that?

One night, she had a dream: she was driving the scenic mountain road Transfagarasan with a group of friends and she was their tour guide.

And that was it, dear friends! She woke up the next morning and decided to become a tour guide. In March 2014 Roaring Romania Tours was born. The rest is a long list of beautiful travel stories.

Why choose us for your holiday in Romania:

1. You will have a vacation that will offer you the opportunity to experience Romania's most popular spots, mixed in with less traveled places so you can have a taste of local flavour.

2. Our itineraries are thought to minimize the time spent travelling from one spot to another, so you spend more time enjoying the landmarks and less time in transit.

3. We use only hotels that are centrally located. This way, you have easy access to the historical areas of the towns we visit.

4. You will have your dedicated, authorized guide to answer your questions and curiosities, tell you stories and supervise the smooth sailing of your vacation.

5. Our itineraries are flexible and can be adapted to your vacation wishes. Let us know what you want to see and we'll make it for you!

6. Our tours include entrance fees, transportation, accommodation and guiding fee as a standard. So you don’t need to deal with the little things but sit back, relax and enjoy your Romanian holiday.

Our Causes

Roaring Romania Tours is sponsor for Red Panda Romania and Iubirrre Adoption Center. We want through the work and donations that we do to support Red Panda in their mission to find homes for the pups in the Adoption Center and educate people on the benefits of adoption.

We run monthly Bucharest Tours Roaring Romania x Red Panda with 40% from the proceedings going towards the pups from the shelter. For more information become part of our facebook group or follow our instagram page.

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