Long Tours


Bucharest & Transylvania Tour 8 Days

Bucharest & Transylvania Tour 7 Days is the perfect choice if you want to spend a week discovering some of the most exciting sites of Romania.


Family Holiday 6 Days

Family Holiday in Romania is a package tour fit for the fun of the entire family! The itinerary includes cities, water parks, forest adventures and medieval castles to be explored.


Transylvania Tour 6 Days

The Transylvania Tour 6 Days is a private tour of Transylvania with inclusive prices, boutique hotels and a smart itinerary so you can do the tour at your own pace and still get to explore a lot of Transylvania.


Transylvania Countryside Tour 8 Days

Countryside Charm Transylvania is a private tour which combines an exciting itinerary with some of the most charming village hotels in Transylvania.


Visit Romania Tour 14 Days

Discover the beauty and diversity of Romania in the Visit Romania 14 Days Tour. The tour has a combined itinerary that includes history, wine tastings, nature sites, major UNESCO sites, village life and it’s suitable for any time of the year.