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Family Holiday In Romania

Long ToursAlexandra Elena Chirila

The Family Holiday in Romania is a package tour fit for the fun of the entire family! The itinerary includes cities, water parks, forest adventures and medieval castles to be explored. It’s a tour that blends historical landmarks with activities that make it exciting for the little ones. Book your Family Holiday and enjoy your wonderful tour in Romania!

Black Sea Tour

Day toursAlexandra Elena Chirila

The Black Sea Tour is a day trip with departure from Bucharest. The tour takes you to the Black Sea shore and introduces you to the cultural diversity of Dobrogea region. The day tour includes visits of the Histria ancient fortress and the Roman Mosaic in Constanta.

Transylvania Tour 6 Days

Long ToursAlexandra Elena Chirila

The Transylvania Tour 6 Days is a private tour of Transylvania with inclusive prices, boutique hotels and a smart itinerary so you can enjoy the tour at your own pace and still get to explore a lot of Transylvania . Cobble stone towns, Gothic castles, ancient fortresses and sleepy villages mix together for you to enjoy a wonderful holiday in a land of legends!

Bucharest & Transylvania Tour 7 Days

Long ToursAlexandra Elena Chirila

Bucharest & Transylvania Tour 7 Days is the perfect choice if you want to spend a week discovering some of the most exciting sites of Romania. You will have a walking tour of Bucharest full of stories and legends about the quirky capital of Romania. You will go on guided tours of the communist palaces and get a glimpse of what life was in communist Romania. And you will go on three days of exploring beautiful Transylvania.

Romanian Castles Tour

Day toursAlexandra Elena Chirila

Romanian Castles Tour is the perfect day trip from Bucharest if you want to visit the two most famous castles in Romania: Peles and Dracula Castles. The tour also includes a visit to Brasov.

You will get entrance and guided tours of both castles and you can walk around the picturesque Old Town of Brasov.

Transylvania Tour 3 Days

short toursAlexandra Elena Chirila

Transylvania Tour 3 Days is a private tour designed to show you the best of Transylvania. The itinerary takes you from charming towns, to sleepy villages and Gothic castles. This private tour is not only rich in itinerary but also has a relaxed pace because we want you, our guests, to enjoy it all. The Transylvania Tour 3 Days has always accommodation in the heart of the old towns, for easy access and evening walks on cobble stone streets.

Transfagarasan Road Tour 3 Days

short toursAlexandra Elena Chirila

The Transfagarasan Road Tour is an exciting private tour that will take you over three amazing mountain roads of Romania: the Transbucegi, the Transfagarasan and the spectacular Transalpina! This is a private tour with a pre-set itinerary and an inclusive price. Live the feeling that you’re driving through the clouds!