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Family Holiday In Romania

Long ToursAlexandra Elena Chirila

The Family Holiday in Romania is a package tour fit for the fun of the entire family! The itinerary includes cities, water parks, forest adventures and medieval castles to be explored. It’s a tour that blends historical landmarks with activities that make it exciting for the little ones. Book your Family Holiday and enjoy your wonderful tour in Romania!

Transylvania Tour 6 Days

Long ToursAlexandra Elena Chirila

The Transylvania Tour 6 Days is a private tour of Transylvania with inclusive prices, boutique hotels and a smart itinerary so you can enjoy the tour at your own pace and still get to explore a lot of Transylvania . Cobble stone towns, Gothic castles, ancient fortresses and sleepy villages mix together for you to enjoy a wonderful holiday in a land of legends!

Bucharest & Transylvania Tour 7 Days

Long ToursAlexandra Elena Chirila

Bucharest & Transylvania Tour 7 Days is the perfect choice if you want to spend a week discovering some of the most exciting sites of Romania. You will have a walking tour of Bucharest full of stories and legends about the quirky capital of Romania. You will go on guided tours of the communist palaces and get a glimpse of what life was in communist Romania. And you will go on three days of exploring beautiful Transylvania.