11 Most Asked Questions About Romania

Romania is a country that raises many questions. Is it a country in Europe or in Eastern Europe? Or is it a country at all? Is there anything to do or see there and which are the biggest cities in Romania? We’ve selected the internet’s most asked questions about Romania and answered them.

What is the capital of Romania?

The capital of Romania is Bucharest. Please do not confuse it with Budapest which is the capital of Hungary. However, if you are looking for the fastest way to annoy a Romanian, say Budapest instead of Bucharest.

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Where is Romania?

Officially, Romania is a state in the South- East of Central Europe.  

However, like all things on this side of the world, the correct answer is: it’s complicated. Western Europe and Eastern Europe are areas split on a cultural basis and it should be seen as an imaginary line between the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea.  Romania is right on that line, which makes it a little bit confusing to locals and foreigners alike.

To add to this confusion, during the communist regime, Romania was part of the Eastern block behind the Iron Curtain. All the countries behind the Iron Curtain were seen as Eastern Europe, although culturally speaking, they were Central or South- East Europe.

 To wrap it up, South East Europe are Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia. Eastern Europe:  Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia.

Cultural divisions of Europe

 What is the time in Romania right now?

It’s time to eat. Otherwise Romania is +2 hours from Standard Time.

Is Romania in Europe?

Yes, Romania is a country in South East Europe. For more see above.

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Which are the biggest cities in Romania?

Bucharest is the biggest city of Romania and it has a population of almost 2 million people. Second biggest city in Romania is Cluj- Napoca, with a population of almost 400k people. Third biggest city in Romania is Timisoara with a population of approx 350k.



Cluj - Napoca



What to do in Romania?

Romania is a diverse country not only culturally but also in terms of nature and sites. If you are curious about a holiday in Romania but you are wondering what is there to do, keep on reading.

Romania has the Carpathian Mountains which are perfect for mountain hikes, trekking, mountain biking, rock climbing, paragliding and any other sorts of mountain adventure sports.

Roads like Transfagarasan and Transalpina are amazing road trips and Dracula castle is a bucket list destination no matter if you are a Dracula fan or not.

It has also a coast at the Black Sea. The absence of tide and the shallow waters on the coast make it a favorite for family beach vacations.

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If you are interested in UNESCO sites, Romania has no less than 37 UNESCO historical and natural heritage sites: the painted churches of Bucovina,  the ancient Dacian fortress in Orastie Mountains, Sighisoara citadel, The Danube Delta, The Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians, Horezu Monastery, the fortified churches of Transylvania and the Wooden Churches of Maramures.

If you are interested in visiting some of these sites, check out our tours like Transylvania Tour 3 Days or the Visit Romania Tour 14 Days if you want to see also the painted monasteries in Bucovina and the wooden churches of Maramures.

There are cities and towns like Bucharest, Brasov, Sibiu, Timisoara and Cluj-Napoca which are perfect week end breaks. And in the last years festivals like Untold, Electric Castle and Neversea have become quite popular on the European summer festival scene.

So you see, there is plenty to do in Romania.

What are the countries near Romania?

Romania’s neighboring countries are: Ukraine in the North, Hungary in the West, Serbia in the South West, Bulgaria in the South and Moldova in the East.

How do you say beautiful in Romanian?

‘frumos’ and you read the ‘u’ like ‘oo’ in roof. This is the masculine singular. If you are looking for the feminine than it’s frumoasa. You’re on your own with this one.

*Romanian also has plural masculine and feminine versions, but we’re trying to keep things simple.

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Is it safe to travel to Romania?

Although Romania has quite a bad reputation in Europe, the country is in fact safe to travel to. The tendency of the overall crime rate is to decrease.

In Bucharest be cautious with your belongings on public transport. Also, try to stay away from the taxis in Bucharest. Either use UBER or arrange transportation from the hotel. Otherwise, use the metro.

If you come for partying in the Old Town of Bucharest, be aware of ‘friendly’ locals that, once you had one too many drinks, try to take you to strip clubs and massage parlors. You probably won’t leave that place with your money, phone and other belongings on you.

Of course, it’s necessary to take safety precautions and do not venture into places that look dangerous. Use common sense just as you do at home. If you still feel uncertain or have questions about it, hire a private guide for your trip to make things easier.

What is Romania?

It is a country in South East Europe. Until Putin decides to invade.

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What is the currency of Romania?

The official currency of Romania is the Leu. In a lot of places you can see prices in RON. There is no difference in value between Leu and RON.

In 2005 Romania cut 4 zeros from its currency . To make a difference between the old version and the new one, the RON was invented. It stands for Romanian New. People got used to it and that is why you still see it here and there on prices. But the correct answer is Leu.

What is Romania known for?

Romania is known for Dracula, dictator Ceausescu, communism, plum brandy, Nadia Comaneci, stray dogs, gypsies or rroma, beautiful women, emigrants, brown bears.

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There you go: 11 most asked questions about Romania. We hope to have shed some light on any curiosities concerning Romania and here is a question for you: how did you hear about Romania for the first time?

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