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Alexandra Chirila - Founder, Dutch and English Tour Guide

Alex has been the manager of Roaring Romania for the past 5 years. A true blue multi-tasker, she works as a tour guide and is responsible for the content on the Roaring Romania blog. Her favorite city to guide is Bucharest for all the quirky stories it has to tell.

Besides traveling and castles, Alex’s hobbies are simple: books and the great outdoors: mountains, seaside or just any sunny hill will do. Add a dog in the picture and she’s happy forever.

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Ivona Josipovic - Facebook Manager

Ivona Josipovic is a storyteller and social media manager based in Stockholm. She first discovered Romania through her Romanian friends that she's later visited in the beautiful Bucharest.

Besides traveling, Ivona loves books, animals, and chocolate. You can check out her website The Smoke Detector. 

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Sever Miu - French and English Tour Guide

Born and raised in Bucharest in the last decade of the Communist era, Sever loves to share the little secrets of his city with travelers from all over the world in both English and French. His favorite spots in the city are the hidden churches, which, he hopes, will un-hide for you.

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Cristian Dumitru - German and English Tour Guide

Cristian has been a tour guide for 15 years now, for English and German speaking guests. He likes guiding for the possibility it gives him to present Romania and its attractions to so many different people. No two tours are the same and every guest is a new story for him. He’s looking forward to meeting you!